Asahina family


Clan: Crane Clan 
Founded: 4th century 
Daimyo: Asahina Akikusa 
"Knowledge must be earned, not simply learned." [1]

The Asahina family was the shugenja family of the Crane Clan. They were also noted pacifists, and their beliefs often led them to be less involved in matters of clan and imperial politics than the other families of the Crane.

History Edit

The family originated from a Lion-Phoenix-Crane dispute. Isawa Asahina, the Phoenix Master of Air, who was violently obsessed with the Phoenix's war with the Lion when the Crane wanting to end the conflict brokered a peace treaty. In a response to the accord, Asahina turned his wrath upon the Crane for having the audacity to meddle. His rampage ended in the village of Kimura when Doji Kiriko, the Crane Clan Champion's daughter, threw herself repeatedly in front of Asahina's attacks thereby saving the lives of hundreds of villagers. He was so moved by her bravery that he realised the grievious mistakes his rage had driven him into. He left the Phoenix and nursed Kiriko back to health, renouncing violence forever. When she was fully healed, he married her and was granted his own family within the Crane. The two of them founded Shinden Asahina and started the pacifistic Asahina family. [2] [3]

Isawa Asahina forsook the use of Fire when he forswore violence and joined the Crane. He turned his talents to Air, the element of healing instead, and now it is common for many of the Asahina shugenja use this element. [4]

Clan War Edit

In 1125 the Crab armies of Hida Kisada assaulted the Asahina lands, alongside with their Shadowlands allies. Kamu no Oni, Ugulu no Oni, and goblins terrified the peaceful shugenja. [5]

Crane Civil War Edit

In 1132 the Great Sea Spider was awakened by the shame and dishonor created by the Crane Civil War. It fed upon the blood spilled in hatred, growing larger and more powerful. Kumo became responsible for great destruction. The Asahina mastered a spell that sent it back into a deep sleep, [6] the Kumo's Black Embrace. [7]

Spirit Wars Edit

During the War of Spirits the Asahina denied the lands of the Crane cutting the bridges into their lands. [8]

Fudoist Scandal Edit

In 1199 were exposed the connections of the Asahina with the Fudoists, a heretical sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Asahina Nanae, the Jade Champion, was obliged by her lord Doji Makoto to abdicate, [9] to save face for her family after it was revealed that the Asahina had permitted the Fudoists to remain hidden away within their lands, growing within the Empire like a disease that nearly crippled the Colonies. [10]

Politics Edit

Asahina DaimyoEdit

The Asahina daimyo was always the eldest shugenja in the ruling bloodline. [11] The following were the known daimyo of the Asahina:

Asahina  ? - 397
Asahina Miroken 397 - ?
Asahina Akusesari' mother (c. 400)
Asahina Anzai  ? - ?
Asahina Kamatari 5th century
Asahina Koresada (c. 663)
Asahina Tamako  ? - ?
Asahina Kimita  ? - 1158
Asahina Sekawa 1158 - 1169
Asahina Keitaro 1169 - 1170
Asahina Beniha 1170 - 1173
Asahina Akikusa (c. 1198) - Present

Within the family Edit

Mon of the Asahina Edit

The mon of the Asahina was a crane's head, holding in its beak a peach blossom. [1]

Schools & PathsEdit

The following were the Schools and Paths within the Asahina family:


The Asahina provinces were the furthest south of any Crane lands, wedged between the lands of the Crab and Mantis. Most of the land consisted of plains or beaches, and they were well fed with a great deal of arable farmland. [12]


Asahina provinces

Asahina provinces

The following were known provinces under the control of the Asahina family;[13]

Holdings Edit


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