Asahina Shugenja

Asahina Shugenja

The Asahina Shugenja were the only shugenja within the Crane Clan. [1]

Pacifism Edit

The family maintained a pacifistic view of the world, shunning open acts of warfare and fighting. They spent their time devoted to astrology, meditation and creation of nemuranai, talismans and fetishes. The Asahina loved to create things, a influence perhaps of mixing with the Kakita bloodline. The magic came from their Isawa heritage, and they had come to combine both skills in their work. The Asahina had never been the most prolific nor powerful shugenja in Rokugan, but their skills in creating magical objects was unparalelled. Tsangusuri, the creation of talismans and charms, was one of the focuses of the Asahina school, and all students of the school were taught the creation of minor fetishes. The Asahina had also uncovered some secrets to Meisho magic, which was the magic used to control the spirit of a person as opposed to the spirit of an item. Studies into this had spanned centuries, and could be very difficult and extremely dangerous. [2]

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