Born: Unknown 
Died: 397 
Siblings: Un-named brother 
Spouse: Doji Kiriko 
Children: Asahina Miroken 
Titles: Master of Air,
Asahina family founder

Asahina was originally Isawa Asahina, the Master of Air and later founder of the Asahina family of the Crane Clan.

Master of Air Edit

Asahina could had been the Elemental Master of either element but on the day of his gempukku, he stood with the Air kami and became the Master of Air. [1]

Famous warrior Edit

Asahina was a natural warrior, and he was raised in times when the Phoenix were forced to war, and Asahina used his powers against the invading forces of the Lion and the Scorpion Clans. [1] His brother was slain in a skirmish, and Asahina longed for vengeance. [2]

Rampaging Crane lands Edit

A truce with the Lion was called through the intervention of Crane forces. Asahina made arrangements for a cousin to oversee his estate, [2] furious because he believed the Crane had stolen him the glory of Lion destruction. He began a rampage in Crane lands that ended in the Victory With No Strike. [3] The daughter of the Crane Clan Champion refused to draw her blade against an ally. The powerful spells of Asahina devastated her body, but her honor and loyalty won him over. [2]

Joining the Crane Edit

Following a change of heart and devotion to the former Crane Clan Champion's daughter, Doji Kiriko, he left the Phoenix Clan and the Council of Five. [4] [5] Asahina forsook the use of Fire when he forswore violence and joined the Crane. [6]

The Five Asahina Nemuranai Edit

Upon his marriage to Doji Kiriko and joining the Crane Clan in 353 Asahina gave the Crane the following five items; the Mempo of Pure Thought, the Courtier's Obi, the Standard of the Iron Crane, the Merchant Coins and the daisho pair Heaven and Earth. The items became the most treasured of the Asahina family and were rarely let outside Shinden Asahina, with exception of half of the Merchant Coins set. [7]

Isawa's Helm Edit

A year and a half after Asahina left the Phoenix, he granted his former clan with the Isawa's Helm, strenghtening the bonds between both peaceful families, Asahina and Isawa. [8]

Asahina family and Death Edit

In the year 397, [9] as Asahina laid on his deathbed, the Crane Champion recognized his years of loyal service by creating the Asahina family, and his descendants went on to found the clan's first formal shugenja school. [2] A small roadside shrine dedicated to his memory was built alongside Asahina's Path. Legend had it that the old shugenja took his last steps along this road after returning from a final pilgrimage to Asahina Seido in the Isawa lands. [10] His son Asahina Miroken succeeded him. [11]

Preceded by:
Master of Air
? - 353
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Asahina Daimyo
Succeeded by:
Asahina Miroken

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Way of the Open Hand page 9 and Masters of Magic page 21 claims the Asahina family was founded immediately after Asahina joined the Crane Clan. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 13:50, December 6, 2013 (UTC)


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