Amoro's Legion was a Crab detachment made in memory of Hida Amoro, a berserker of the Clan War who fell to the shadowlands but redeemed himself when undead in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate.

Commander Edit

Hida Sozen commanded Amoro's Legion. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1171 the Legion halted a Destroyers unit who tried to gained entrance to an unoccupied region of the Crab. [2] In 1172 defeated alongside with the Mukami's Legion a large group of Destroyers. [3] The Legion alongside a Mantis force led by the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen himself made to flee a horde of minor oni rushed from the flank of the Destroyer Horde that remained within the Shadowlands. A large Khol force struck and eradicated the oni. [4]

Great Wyrm Edit

In the northern Dragon border they were aided by the Order of Venom against the raids of the Son of Fire riding his Great Wyrm. [5] The Daidoji Iron Warriors wounded the Wyrm by surprise with their arrival, and fled. The monks who fought alongside the Crab were discovered to be from the Spider Clan and also escaped. [6]

Centurion Edit

Crab warriors led by Kaiu Kyoka were completely cut off by centuriae, an elite human unit who fought alongside the Destroyers. The Legion arrived and managed to repel these centurions. Hida Sozen vowed that he would kill the gaijin officer who commanded the enemy during this engagement. [7] In another engagement a Centuriae detachment attempted to flank the southern front. They were turned back by Sozen and his Legion, working together with the sohei of the Order of Venom. [8] Then they moved to the southernmost portion of the peninsula east of Earthquake Fish Bay to engage Centuriae that had landed there. [9] They gained victory with the assistance of Spider Clan forces led by Michio. [10]

Fighting in the Crab lands Edit

Amoro's Legion had returned to Crab lands alongside the Kitsuki Justicars. The Legion was split, with a portion engaged in heavy skirmishing and another defending a Crab holding called the Watchtower of the East. Destroyers threatened the Watchtower, but Hida Tatsuma and Mirumoto Ishino rallied the Crab and Dragon forces to hold the line until the remainder of the Legion could return. The defense was successful and the enemy force out of the region. [11]


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