Akutenshi, Evil Angels, were the chosen of Fu Leng. Some were rescued from death and corruption, others were directly converted to serve the fallen god. Most (it was assumed there were as few as 50) were high ranking members of the Moto force that entered the shadowlands to close the festering pit. Others were thought to be the actual children of the Ninth Kami, sired with Doji Nashiko, known as The Demon Bride of Fu Leng. [1]

Known Akutenshi[edit | edit source]

The First Akutenshi[edit | edit source]

Very few Akutenshi had ever been documented, with fewer still ever seen outside the confines of the shadowlands. They served as Fu Leng's generals, endowed with powers that rival even the most powerful of Oni. According to Moto Tsume, the first Akutenshi was the firstborn son of Hida, Hida Atarasi. Atarasi struck the heads from the other Seven Thunders as they fell, but there was no-one remaining to decapitate him when he was defeated. Fu Leng saved him from death by pouring his essence into Atarasi though his wounds, raising the Crab Thunder as the first Akutenshi. [2]

Demon Bride[edit | edit source]

Doji Nashiko was the next known convert, [citation needed] joining the dark lord's forces sometime in the Fifth or Sixth century. Raised as a courtier for the Crane Clan, the plain-featured yet vain Nashiko was distraught when she was passed over for marriage by the Emerald Champion Doji Komatsu. She sold her soul to become the most beautiful woman in Rokugan, seducing and corrupting dozens of high ranking Cranes and starting a war that was eventually stricken from the Ikoma histories. [3]

Dark Daughter of Fu Leng[edit | edit source]

The Dark Daughter of Fu Leng, supposedly the daughter of the Thunder Doji Konishiko, was said to be an Akutenshi. [4]

The Funeral Master[edit | edit source]

An un-named being, known simply as the Funeral Master of Fu Leng was raised as an akutenshi sometime in the 10th century. The creature was tasked with tending the Oni Graveyard. [5]

Moto Tsume[edit | edit source]

Moto Tsume was perhaps the best known in the Akutenshi ranks, [6] but his shireikan Moto Yaeko operating out of the Shrine of Tenno Heika, Yaeko led a cult called the Servants of Heaven" in the city of Otosan Uchi. [7]

Daigotsu and Shahai[edit | edit source]

Daigotsu, the Dark Lord of the Spider Clan was another akutenshi. [8] [9] His lover, Shahai, was considered to be an akutenshi. [10]

Obsolete Term[edit | edit source]

The term dropped out of usage later in the 12th century as the Empire's battles and dealings with the Lost became more frequent and the distinction between their power levels became more difficult to make. [11]

Known Akutenshi Powers[edit | edit source]

Akutenshi exhibited powers not seen among others Lost. Presumably this was due to their having taken in Fu Leng's blood, granting them unnatural powers and capabilities: [12]


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