Akodo Sarasa 
Akodo Sarasa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170 
Siblings: Akodo Sarasa 
Titles: Commander of the Eighth Imperial Legion

Akodo Sarasa was a bushi scout of the Lion Clan.

Sister Edit

Her sister died dishonorably, and Sarasa took her sisters name upon completing her gempukku. [1]

Wardens Edit

Sarasa served in the Lion Wardens. [2]

Imperial Legion Edit

Sarasa became the Commander of the Eighth Imperial Legion following the retirement of Horiuchi Nobane in 1169. [2] She was one of the youngest samurai ever appointed to the command of an Imperial Legion. [1]

Death Edit

In 1170 Sarasa led the Eighth Legion in the defense of Shiro Morito during the War of Dark Fire. She took the post of her signalman after he died, to send orders to the Legions. Sarasa was killed by a wyrm rider, and succeeded by Yoritomo Omura. [1]

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Preceded by:
Horiuchi Nobane
Commander of the Eighth Imperial Legion
1169 - 1170
Succeeded by:
Yoritomo Omura


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