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Akami (U6)

The village of Akami (U6) in the Senseki province [1] was one of two twin farming communities that gave the Unicorn their massive food production. Akami and Bikami produced enough foor each year to feed the Unicorn armies, horses and nobles. The main reason for this was not that the fields were rich, but just very wide and contained a great number of heimin. The population density was very dense here, and if the Unicorn Clan Champion would ever want to press ashigaru into service this would be where he would come. [2]

Border Village[]

Akami marked the northeastern boundary of Utaku lands and the edge of Unicorn territory. Akami was home to wheat and barley fields that stretched into the city's north and west sides. North of Akami were the infamous Otaku Steppes. [3] Three Khol legions were posted there. [4]

The War of Dark Fire[]

In 1171 the Army of Fire assaulted Akami with the purpose of seizing its vast stores of grain to fuel the Yobanjin army for months to come. Although the invaders succeeded in their assault on the town, a lone Lion Deathseeker was able to set fire to the food stocks and prevent such resources from being used by the enemy. [5] It was later rebuilt with additional defenses. [6]


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