Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration

The Age of Conquest started after the Destroyer War and the defeat of Kali-Ma in 1173. Empress Iweko had just decreed that the Spider Clan become a Great Clan. The new era started when the Rokugani claimed the then ruined Ivory Kingdoms and colonised them.

“Go forth,” she commanded the Spider in strong, pure tones, “and conquer in my name.”
- Iweko (with her first spoken words after her coronation) [1]

Peaceful Years Edit

A generation later, the Great Clans chafe at decades of peace and squabble with one another over issues of power and prestige. In the Colonies, they had the opportunity to face one another over resources and secrets long forgotten, even as the Empire faced a mysterious enemy in the Dark Naga and his forces. [2]

Notable Events Edit


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