Agasha Shugenja

Agasha Shugenja

The Agasha Shugenja school was once the primary shugenja school of the Dragon Clan. Since the Agasha family joined the Phoenix Clan the family became somewhat outcast, not entirely accepted or trusted by the Phoenix. Despite their development of multi-elemental magics, the Isawa family did not trust them, and they certainly did not rely on the Agasha. [1]

Dojo Edit

The Agasha Shugenja dojo was located at Shiro Agasha, [2] which became Shiro Tamori after the Agasha defection. [3]

Visting the Agasha Edit

During their time with the Dragon, the few who were allowed to visit the Agasha family would come away with a confused look upon their face. They could only tell you that what the Agasha lacked in study of Shintao, they made up for in their impeccable spellcasting skills. Another thing commonly noticed was the smell that would accompany the Agasha.[4]

"And when I stepped into the room, I was immediately confronted with the heavy smell of teas, flowers, incense and fish. All during my stay, I never escaped the smell, and soon, I grew so accustomed to it, when I returned to my homeland, I began to miss it."
-Unknown Phoenix

Studies Edit

Following their founding by Agasha, the shugenja of the family spend the following centuries studying what Agasha called "Sun and Moon's little hidden puzzles". Agasha shugenja could frequently be seen with herbs, roots, smelly powders and boiling elixirs in addition to their scrolls. Other clans ignored the strange items as an odd fixation with herbalism, which is exactly what the Agasha wanted them to think. The magic that the Agasha studied was more subtle than that of other schools, although their most extravagant magic did involve great plumes of brightly colored smoke, sudden explosions and noxious fumes and vapors that could knock others unconscious. Agasha magic was said to be able to change the steel in a samurai's sword into a soft and heavy lead, or make the armor of a bushi melt away. Others claimed they could turn fire into ice and set water alight with fire. [4]

Name Magic Edit

The original studies of Agasha came in handy for more than just the study of all things natural. The Agasha continued a study originally begun by a Phoenix shugenja named Isawa Hossan, who had developed a theory called Meisho (name magic). Hossan had believed that the soul every living creature resided in their names, and by learning the true name of every creature one could gain an understanding of the universe to rival that of Shinsei. Hossan's efforts ammounted to little in the end, but when the Agasha compared his theories with the secret works of Agasha, they slowly began solving Hossan's theory. Although they began to show progress on the theories, they have yet to solve it fully. [5]

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