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The fifth century of Rokugan's history.

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The following are the most notable events of the fifth century:

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The following is a timeline of the events of the fifth century.

401 Chuda Tamihei becomes Snake Clan Champion. The release of the Shuten Doji leads to the corruption of the Snake Clan.
402 The Snake Clan is possessed by a Shuten Doji and subsequently destroyed by the Phoenix Clan. Death of Chuda Tamihei, Chuda Sinjuko and Isawa Tsuneo. Birth of Asako Beiwa. Yasuki Kaname becomes the Yasuki Daimyo.
406 Hantei Soujiro is fostered to the Phoenix Clan, but secretely a hostage of the Gozoku.
407 Seppun Gohoru works to twart Daidoji activities in the Ryoko Owari Toshi.
408 The Lion Clan attempts to invade the Phoenix Clan lands through Treacherous Pass, but their advance is halted by a small band of bushi and shugenja. Death of Shiba Kaigen. The Second Lion-Phoenix War ends.
409 Construction of land walls in Clear Water Village is completed.
410 Birth of Akodo Godaigo. The Sparrow Clan is assigned to protect and guard the Golden Sun Plains.
411 The Master of Void Isawa Eisai restores Nikesake to Phoenix control. The rebellious sohei of the Order of the Eighteen Stars agree to disband.
412 Matsu Itagi enters the Shadowlands. Hida Tadaka enters to find Itagi to avert war with the Lion Clan. Deaths of Matsu Itagi and Hida Tadaka.
413 Construction of sea wall in Clear Water Village is completed.
415 Winter Court is held at Kyuden Asako.
418 Death of Iuchi Atesoro.
419 The Gozoku fail to learn how the Dragon Clan detects their infiltration attempts.
420 Birth of Agasha Kasuga.
421 Otomo Kentaro, the Emperor's third son, is fostered to the Scorpion Clan, but secretely a hostage of the Gozoku.
422 Birth of Ichiro Fureheshu.
423 Birth of Matsu Hitomi
424 Birth of Hantei Yugozohime.
426 Bayushi Atsuki retires as Scorpion Clan Champion. His daughter Bayushi Minoko succeeds him.
428 Hantei Kusada begins using members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei as spies against the Gozoku. The Gozoku burns down three sohei monasteries, turning the peasants against the conspirators. Hantei Kusada's sons fostered to the Crane Clan, Phoenix Clan and Scorpion Clan.
429 The Gusai family name is awarded. Death of Gusai. Gusai Mori becomes the Mantis Clan Champion.
432 Hantei Yugozohime is fostered to the Lion Clan by the Gozoku.
433 Births of Mirumoto Ryudumu and Mirumoto Tokeru.
435 Death of Hantei Kusada. Hantei Yugozohime becomes Empress. The Gozoku are removed from power. Death of Bayushi AtsukiThe Kochako family is founded. The Isawa Shugenja school is expanded beyond Kyuden Isawa, across all the lands of the Phoenix Clan.
436 Otomo Hokusai becomes the Otomo family daimyo.
437 Toshi Ranbo is founded near the Kintani Valley. Battle at Osari Plains. Deaths of Akodo Tsetsu and Ikoma Yuri.
438 Matsu Mochiko wins the Test of the Emerald Champion. Winter Court is held at Kyuden Bayushi.
439 Trade disputes between the Crab and Dragon threaten war.
440 A group of gaijin ambassadors are allowed to enter the Imperial Court by Hantei Yugozohime. The Dragon-Crab War begins.
441 The Crab Clan is forced to sue for peace in the Dragon-Crab War. Death of Matsu Hitomi
442 The gaijin are expelled from Otosan Uchi. The Battle of White Stag and Battle of Raging Seas occur. Deaths of Hantei Yugozohime, Akodo Kurojin, Garen Hawthorne, and Shinjo Kemuri. Hantei Muhaki becomes Emperor. The Tortoise Clan is founded by Agasha Kasuga. Matsu Zaruko becomes Lion Clan Champion. Shinjo Yonaru becomes the Unicorn Clan Champion.
443 Hantei Muhaki is ambushed by gaijin, but saved by Matsu Koritome. Koritome family founded.
444 Shiba Murayasu becomes a full sensei at the Kyuden Shiba dojo.
445 Deaths of Shiba Toshiken and Togashi Hikaru.
447 The Boar Clan is founded by Heichi, and the Heichi family is created.
450 Birth of Kakita Wayozu.
452 Birth of Miya Mai.
456 Kakita Merao retires as a monk. Death of Mirumoto Tokeru.
457 Death of Otomo Reju.
458 Death of Matsu Zaruko.
459 Birth of Kaiu Gineza.
460 Construction of the Castle of the Faithful Bride is completed.
462 Death of Ichiro Fureheshu. The Fureheshu vassal family is founded.
465 Birth of Isawa Takao.
467 Botan joins the Order of Ebisu.
470 Botan writes The Phoenix Road.
471 Stranding of the Deathless.
472 The Emperor's Blessing written by Miya Mai.
475 Birth of Asahina Yajinden.
479 Death of Shiba Murayasu.
480 Death of Mirumoto Takeda.
486 Isawa Takao becomes Master of Fire.
487 Hantei X becomes Emperor. The Blue Tiled Room begins teaching in Nikesake.
489 Death of Isawa Takao.
495 Death of Miya Mai.
497 The Shinjo encounter and thwart the Cult of Ruhmal in the Ivory Kingdoms.
499 Otomo Jama discovers the journals of Kuni Nakanu.
500 Heichi Shizugai witnesses Matsu Dainoku killing Mirumoto Chorude in an illegal duel. Heichi Batsuda is killed by Dainoku in a later duel. Shizugai becomes Boar Clan Champion.
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